is a fashion aficionada, desserts enthusiast and officially, a style blogger since April 2012. Erese (eh-rees), as she liked to be called, has developed her creativity, management and critical thinking skills, at an early age, through the grooming and teachings of her family (mainly her father) and professors. She has a profound love for dancing, arts and DIY crafts. Erese also has an outrageous obsession for chocolates, stacks of arm candies, sky high heels and cropped tops.

She dreams to conquer both the world of fashion and the hospitality industry, one step at a time and one blog post at a time. While, she desires to be the change and make a difference in her own little ways.

This blog aims to inspire ladies to express themselves confidently through fashion. It is a little heaven of Erese’s thoughts, expressions and loves. This is her own stage, her platform, where she, the people dearest to her heart and her beloved sponsors and readers share the limelight. Come and discover more about Erese Cruz through every page of this humble site!

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