Palm Springs and Confessions.

Through the years of experimenting with clothing, I have learned to embrace prints more. Because black and white are the trend now, I have welcomed the comeback of my love for black once again. 

Believe it or not, I have always had a thing for glow-in-the-dark shirts and this one is no exception. This muscle tee would look heavenly during a black light party or a crazy girls' night out. Since I doubt that I'll be attending a party soon, I whipped this look up a little differently. I tried to stir in my usual sophisticated elegance to it by matching it with my striped skirt, fiery hot wedges and Harlow-inspired necklace.

Here is a blogger confession that I have to tell all of you, loves. I actually wore the same ensemble during an event which I attended a few weeks ago but the rain was too much for some decent outfit shots so I figured that I could repeat it one time for the sake of making a blog post out of it. #bloggerproblems 

I chose to wear it for the shoot of our first-ever collection, Cropped and Classy. (Please do follow @stylesoireeph on Instagram!) I did change into my sole-friendly, SoleMate flats so I could move with ease when styling. I just can't stand staying high and tall in killer heels for too long. #girlproblems

Muscle Tee: H&M
Midi Skirt: SM GTW
Harlow-inspired Necklace: Bangkok
Belt: Forever 21
Wedges: JellyBean

That's about it for my look and another episode of the "Confessions of a Fashion Blogger." I will try to type down everything and anything you need to know about us bloggers. It is never a simple task to be one. It takes time, patience, writing and photography skills and of course, creativity. I hope you learned quite a few facts in this post and I wish you loved this number too. What did you love about this? Tell me about it by leaving a comment below. Have a good day, loves!

Hugs and kisses,

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