Whenever I go shopping, I make sure to add comfortable yet fabulous dresses on my list. Take this dress for instance, I bought this at H&M during my recent trip to Hong Kong. It is a cotton stretch, fit and flare dress, (no zippers!) perfect for those days when you're too lazy to think of what to wear or those moments when you even thought of going out in your plush pair of pajamas. 

I always stock up on these fit and flare numbers because: (1) they are my so-called "lifesavers" when I don't feel like dressing up. (2) I just put them on, no need to battle with a zipper closure! (3) They come in an array of prints and colors. (4) I don't have to suck it all up (referring to my tummy) (5) I love that it is made up of a breezy fabric. I can layer on a jacket if there is a need to, maybe during the "ber" months or the rainy season.  

This dress is a statement on its own. I bet you can see the huge print of stars even from afar. You can wear it with only a cute pair of ballet flats and I'm pretty sure that you would still look like a million bucks! But, if you have been reading my blog for some time now, you would know that I seldom pass up on accessories. I wore my New favorite stack of chain bracelets from J9ByDesign which I have overused already. It is worth overusing anyway; It makes any outfit more glamorous. Love it?

Dress: H&M
Chain Bracelets: J9ByDesign
Watch: Tomato
Peep-toe Heels: So Fab!
Sunglasses: DebonairUnlimited

To amp up the prim and proper vibe, I took my So Fab! Peep-toe heels for a walk. For the shades that exactly go with this chic outfit, I chose to wear what I call as my fancy sunnies from Debonair Unlimited. This pair is fit for your dresses, when your huge hippie sunnies just wouldn't do.

What do you think about this look? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Love and Hearts,

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