Mega Shoes & Bags Sale Event 2013.

mega shoes and bags sale

A few days ago, I posted about the most awaited sale of the season which is the Mega Shoes and Bags Sale held at none other than our shopping capital, SM City Pampanga. I, together with four of my blogger buddies, witnessed the success of this particular event even on its first day. Let me show you a couple of photos I took during Sale day 1!


As you enter the trade hall, the first thing that you will notice are those big, red flags with “Save 30 %” or even “Save 50 %” on them. This denotes that you are in the right place!


Shoes, glorious shoes in every corner and tons of bags everywhere! In events like these, you should have a keen-eye for fashion and drop-down prices, of course. I found a shelf full of sandals. Sandals is a staple this summer and the trendiest footwear for your getaways at the beach.


For those of you who do not own a number of flat and closed shoes like I do because you splurge on too many sky-high heels, buy 2 of any of these flats for only Php 399.75! It is the best deal yet! According to my best friend and co-blogger, Elle, these have comfy soles and they work wonders for traveling (and walking miles).


I was caught up on the men’s aisle with an array of stylish boat shoes, sneakers and leather shoes. I am quite sure that shoe lovers (men edition) will try to get their hands on a pair or two of these.


The sale was made for all ages! Thus, the great selection of kiddie shoes too!


Backpacks here, luggage there and hand bags hanged everywhere! There is a wide selection of bags (at affordable prices) to choose from! Stock up on some for your next sweet escapade!



My blogger friends and I truly had a blast looking for the right pair of shoes for us and watching a dance performance made especially for this Mega event! Sorry I was not able to take photos of the performance :(

But… You still have today to drop by at SM City Pampanga’s Trade Hall and see what I have been blabbing about for yourself!

Happy shopping, loves!

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