Daring Day.


Instead of my usual set of “you-can-never-go-wrong-with-a-blazer” ensemble, I tried a dressier take this time for a casual meeting with SM city Pampanga together with my PFB loves. 


Meetings call for business outfits such as collared tops, blazers, slacks or pencil-cut skirts but this gathering is mostly about Pampanga fashion blogging so wearing our own style, our way is never a fashion tragedy. *wink*

Leather Skirt: Forever 21

I chose to wear a black, bare-back, peplum top which I got a while back from Monkee Business Manila. I paired it with a black leather skirt to give the illusion of sporting a dress other than separates. I think it worked though. *smirk*


My favorite part of this ensemble is the revealing bare-back with a cute and classy bow to finish it up. The style looks incredibly sexy yet surprisingly modest at the same time.

Pumps: Primadonna


To up the sultry factor, I walked with my gold-plat formed, six-inch pumps which I bought from Primadonna. The animal print on my pair of heels was a great way to balance out the sternness from the all-black outfit. 

Spikes Bracelet: a gift from my Love

Watch: Tomato

Necklace: Yhansy Manila

To end it all up, I wore my favorite Tomato watch, gold spikes bracelet and my necklace from Yhansy Manila. I didn’t want to go on an accessory overload for that day so a statement bracelet, a cool watch and a sophisticated neckpiece were enough pieces to complete the day’s outfit. 


I enjoyed being part of the meeting but getting to hangout with my blogger friends was the best part. I got to be with my PFB loves Elle and Andiee for only a couple of hours because they had to go and do real work. The amusement never ends when I’m with my other beloved PFB, Kingsly, Ate Tse and Khai. Photo shoot, chatting, laughing, non-stop!


Thank you for a wonderful get-together my PFB loves! We’ll see each other again soon! *Smiles*


(L-R) Kingsly, Khai, Ate Tse and Andiee


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Thank you Kingsly for taking my outfit shots!

Have a beautiful Wednesday, loves!


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