New Year’s Eve.


Happy New Year loves! I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy with my on-the-job training (as usual, what’s new?) and most of my attention was caught on moving out to a new home. Nevertheless, I’m back! I have a handful of posts to share to you and to begin with, I would like to share my shining, shimmering outfit that I wore for New Year’s Eve. Here are a few pictures taken during NYE… Enjoy!

(L-R) Zia, Tita Mai, Me and Sam and behind us are my brother Rap and my sister Inna.

Our family gets bigger and better every New Year. *laughs* Say Hello to our beloved…
(L-R) Tito Polic, Ninang, Tito Dumbu and Tito Poklong!

And now… On to my outfit…
Gold Bandage Dress: People Are People

Sparkly dresses never leaves the scene during this time of the year. As most of you know, I’m mostly obsessed with dresses that have curve-hugging silhouettes. So the moment I tried on this dress, in just a split second, I knew I had to get it for New Year’s Eve. The photo doesn’t do justice though because it doesn’t show how lovely this piece is, it shimmers all-over. *insert straight face here*


Gold Pumps: Aldo Sale Shop

You know how I want it, the more sparkles, the better. To do just that, I slipped on my beautiful, gold pumps which I got a while back from Aldo Sale Shop. 

Gold Rings: SM Accessories

Earrings: SM Accessories

I haven’t been shopping for new accessories lately, I rushed to SM that afternoon and grabbed these interesting rings and earrings to complete my look for the night.



That’s all for tonight, loves! 
I have more posts to share soon to make it up to you. I’m also working on improving my layout (care of Kingsly) and taking outstanding photos as well. 
Wish me luck! 
Have a beautiful night!


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