All photos in this post were taken by my co-blogger, Nina Pineda. *Smiles*
Little did I know that our mini steps at PFB will turn out to having big results already. Another project awaits us and we are once again grateful to be of any help to the boost of “good talks” about Pampanga. A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by Clarkisit.com to talk about the latest trends this year and everything about fashion blogging. 

What is Clarkisit.com? It aims to provide information about Clark and the whole Angeles City to further increase the interests of tourists to come and visit our hometown. Data such as what to do and where to eat here are only some of the topics to be covered. We, PFB, are excited for more collaborations with the said website because it will be of big help to the boost in our local tourism. To be up-to-date and to know more about Clarkisit.com, Like their Facebook page HERE.

Dress: People Are People

Now let’s talk about the outfit, shall we? My fellow bloggers decided on wearing something green for this interview and the only green clothing I had in mind right at that moment was this “all that glitters” dress from People Are People.
Whenever I don’t have enough time to shop for new clothing especially on important meetings and events, I rely on the dresses hanged on the racks of People Are People. I always find a lovely fitting dress at that shop. It is kind of my go-to shop, don’t you think?

Like the sparkling isn’t enough already, the cut-outs at the back and crisscross details at the front are enough to make me stand out even without any accessories.

Metal Cap-toe shoes: CMG
My favorite pair of heels never fails me. The gold cap-toe makes the outfit more sophisticated as usual.




With Cheska Beybeh!

A shot with my PFB loves at the Clark Is It office!

Taking pictures with our PFB plate at C’ Italian Dining

After the interview, we headed straight to C’ Italian Dining to have the time of our lives. *drools* I love food and C’ Italian is definitely one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve been to. Luckily, we were also given the opportunity to sign our very own plate to be hanged up in that wall over there, see it? Kudos to PFB! *grin*

For more about C’ Italian, check out their Facebook page and Like HERE or better yet, drop by at 1210 Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City, 2009. They are open during Mondays from 5:00 pm-11:00 pm and Tuesdays until Sundays from 11:00 am-11:00 pm. 

I strongly recommend the Panizza Jandra. (I hope the spelling’s correct) It is oh-so-delicious and very filling. Imagine biting on a crisp then soft panizza with all the delectable flavors combining with the taste of fresh arugula. Yummy! Now I’m getting hungry… *insert straight face here*

That’s all for now, loves!
I better get something to eat first. Have a great night!




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    Looking forward to more posts from you. I'm now following you on BlogLovin!

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  2. the metal cap toe shoes are sophisticated and sexy at the same time :D

    Thirdbite | style blog


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