All photos in this post were taken by my co-blogger, Nina Pineda. *Smiles*
Little did I know that our mini steps at PFB will turn out to having big results already. Another project awaits us and we are once again grateful to be of any help to the boost of “good talks” about Pampanga. A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by Clarkisit.com to talk about the latest trends this year and everything about fashion blogging. 

White Elegance.

Skirt: Forever 21

Seldom do I wear white outfits, most especially on occasions like the New Year. Most of us usually don on our best red dress or perhaps a polka dot top during the first day of the year. 

New Year’s Eve.


Happy New Year loves! I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy with my on-the-job training (as usual, what’s new?) and most of my attention was caught on moving out to a new home. Nevertheless, I’m back! I have a handful of posts to share to you and to begin with, I would like to share my shining, shimmering outfit that I wore for New Year’s Eve. Here are a few pictures taken during NYE… Enjoy!

PFB: Merry Go Bazaar.


Welcome to our first-ever Bazaar! We, Pampanga Fashion bloggers, collaborated with Bloomers to come up with an intimate yet fun Christmas Affair. Here’s a glimpse of what transpired during the event... Enjoy! 

Glitter the Runway Show.


Last December 14, I cleared my schedule just so I wouldn’t miss a minute of the grandest runway show which occurred at SM City Pampanga. I, together with my PFB loves, were invited to the all-glitz and glamour event in which we are all grateful for. All of us had a blast during the show. Not only did we spot the new trends and collections of the well-known stores but we we’re also overwhelmed by the acknowledgement, the gift certificates and the tantamount of support that SM city Pampanga has given us.

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