Queen of Corsets.

video shoot 1
Blue Blazer: Cotton On

So, it was another day meant for our love for fashion blogging. I got to meet my PFB (Pampanga Fashion Bloggers) loves at Marquee Mall the other day for a video shoot and some quality time together. During meetings like this with my co-bloggers, I always see it to it that I wear something interesting yet polished. 

video shoot 2
Corset: Forever 21

The moment I walked in, the first thing Ivy Torres said was “Erese, Queen of Corsets.” That’s a funny way to look at it, the way I adore corsets. This piece always radiate a sexy appeal. The playful selections are even endless. Corsets aren’t just for a night out. It can also be worn during the day with bright and casual pieces. Tip: You could find a wide range of corsets at either Forever 21 or Topshop.

vide shoot 6
Bag: Charles & Keith

I wasn’t supposed to include my bag in my outfit post, I rarely show it off. But because Kingsly took a photo of my everyday bag, I might as well post it here.

video shoot 3
Sparrow ring: Butingtings

video shoot 4
Booties: Charlotte Russe

video shoot 5
I didn’t bother piling on a lot of accessories. The tummy-showing corset and the flowy, Sabrina Skirt were more than just show-stoppers you know. *haha*

video shoot 12
White Skirt: Sabrina | Belt: Cotton On

That’s about it for the details of my ensemble. Now, here are a few shots with my blogger friends…

vide shoot 7
vide shoot 11
video shoot 6

video shoot 8
video shoot 9
video shoot 10

video shoot 15

video shoot 14

video shoot 13

There is never a dull moment with these guys. Each and every one looked stunning as always in their own style. We’ve seen a number of people stop and stare. Some probably thought we were a crazy group dressing to fabulous for a day at the mall. Is there even such thing as dressing too fabulous? I think not. Well, that’s how we roll. *teehee*

We had a short meeting about our collaborations and events which will happen real soon. We also had a video shoot for one of the said events for this December. (Sad, I had to leave early) We have a line-up of activities to keep your sense in fashion awake and alive for my birthday month. *wink*

Kidding aside, the events coming soon are occasions you surely don’t want to miss! Watch out!

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Thank you Kingsly and Ivy for taking most of these photos!

That’s all for tonight, loves!

Have a good night! 

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  1. Spell SEXY, this outfit spelled it out. I might also do the same thing that some people who have stopped and stared of you guys, coz' you just dressed fashionably. So chic! I adore your bag:)


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