Dress: Unarosa

Nothing beats a sophisticated ensemble especially on a one-of-a-kind day like this one (12/11/12) . *Wink*

Necklace: Hailey and Five

It is…  E- Day! Yipee! I’m another year older, 20 years old to be exact. *Grin*

I had nothing special planned for my 20th but as always I make sure to dress as dashing to remind my beloved family and friends that it is “Erle” day! *haha*

That day, I strutted with a new body-hugging dress, an addition to my collection of dresses. I have longed for this particular piece for months but I never thought that it would be necessary to splurge on another dress. Well, what do you know? I finally found the right reason to shell out money for this. It was the Perfect Birthday Dress, don’t you think?

Look! It fits magnificently on me. *insert in awe face here* This chic choice proves that not all party attires dubbed as head-turners should be sparkly and glittery all over. Sometimes, you just have to wear something that you confidently feel fabulous in. In extraordinary days like this, It’s also about taking stunning to new heights. 

Gold capped-toe heels: CMG

And since I want all eyes on me, I kept every portion of my outfit, a statement. This pair of gold capped-toe heels stole my breathe away the minute I saw its beauty beaming my way at CMG. Gorgeous, Indeed! *Smile*


This is by far my favorite look of all-time! It clearly defines my style, classy yet attention-grabbing. So, what do you think about my E-day dress?

Thank you for the Red Velvet Cupcakes, Sia! & Lea for the balloons!

Oh. Before I forget, I would like to grab this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all those who greeted me on “Erle” day. I would forever cherish those who spent a few seconds of their time just so they could wish me a happy birthday. To my loved ones and my readers, thank you for all the love and support!

Have a beautiful night, loves!


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