Summer in the Winter.

All photos in this post were taken by © Isabella Zingaloa.
day 2 hk 2

This is what I wore to our 2nd day at Hong Kong. It was colder than I expected so this shot was technically (as Camille Co would say it) a “tiis-ganda” moment. *Wink*

day 2 hk 1
Floral Blazer: Wardrobe Check | Black Top: Unarosa

Though we do not have that winter experience at the Philippines, I decided to wear the season’s hottest color palette infused in summer-y and flirty clothing pieces.

day 2 hk 3
Tassel Necklace: Bubbles

I have to say that this blazer is by far my favorite because it’s a versatile piece that could be worn for the summer days and for the colder ber months. It’s flamboyant and cozy, all-in-one! What more can you ask for? *Giggles*

day 2 hk 5
Shoes: Charles & Keith

These new pair of flats from Charles & Keith is now my new pair of go-to shoes. Usually, I would put on fancy-looking flats most especially in numbers like these. But because I want to impart a dash of masculinity to the look (for a change), I slipped into these babies. What do you think? *Grin*

day 2 hk 4
Red leggings: For Me | Bag: Promod

I’m in a rush to publish all the drafts I’ve been doing for the past few days but you know how we do it here, right? One post for one day to make you miss me a little.haha. *Smirk*

That’s all for today, my loves!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a lovely night!


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