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Dress: A Gift from my Uncle

Here we go! I’ve been using my new weapon already. I hope the pictures turn out better than before. What do you think about the pictures? Better? Let me know. 

A week ago I met up with 2 of my co-bloggers to discuss a few episodes that we will be facilitating in the months to come. The cute dog (named Reesee) in our photos aren’t really ours though. We just asked if we could have a couple of photos with the little guy. Luckily, the owner was very kind and willing to lend us Reesee. Thank you kind sir! *Smiles*

After brainstorming and jotting down all our activities in line for PFB (Pampanga Fashion Bloggers), Fashion Bloggers do what they do best. Take outfit shots, of course! *teehee*

I wore this fabulous dress given to me by my Uncle. I love how the sheer part of the dress adds a  sexy touch to it. The silhouette and the neutral colors kept it classy and sweet. What do you think?

Belt: Cotton On
Cuff: Hailey & Five | Bow ring: Disneyland | Leopard ring: Accessorize | Harlow Ring: Bedazzle Accessories

I decided to wear a bow belt to give me a bit more curve. I chose a brown cuff as an accessory to match my belt. I also wore some rings to avoid looking too simple and serious. We do have to don on our chicest corporate wear during meetings but a fashion bloggers’ meeting is far different from the usual. *Wink*

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Shoes: So Fab!
I took out my nude pumps, a great match to the nude details of my dress.


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And Here are the lovely ladies I was with. Say Hello to Khai Nunag (middle) and Tse Bautista. We’ve talked about an assortment of PFB activities for everyone to look forward to. Are you excited? I know I am. *haha*
By the way, thank you ate Tse for taking my outfit photos! *hugs&kisses*

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Blogging drives away our stress and constantly brings joy to us. I hope by merely blogging we are able to put a smile on everyone’s face as well. In everything I do, I always say it’s not about the perks. Most of the time, it’s about touching peoples lives and leaving a mark on their hearts. Stay tuned because we have a line up of activities for all our readers. *Grin*

For now, I have to get some sleep. *insert straight face here*

Sweet dreams, loves!

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