All photos were taken by © Isabella Zingaloa. Again, thanks a bunch Sab!

hk last day
Top: Topshop

It’s departure time! This is one of those moments I will never ever forget because before we even took these shots, Sab, my cousin (Sam) and my not-so-little sister (Inna) and I got lost at the Hong Kong Airport. *Gasp*

hk last day 3
Necklace: Yhansy Manila

It was a frightful experience. We were riding a different cab, knowing that our parents’ were in a cab as well just right behind us. After a few minutes of waiting for the rest of the family, we realized that we were on a different terminal. We searched for the terminal 2 where we were supposed to be in. Despite the tension and panic we were all feeling, we still remained calm and used our heads. After reading signs and walking to terminal 2, we decided to sit down and turn on our mobile phones. Then, someone from the 2nd level were calling out to us. Lo and behold! It was Sam’s dad. We felt relieved and we were laughing like crazy. *Phew!* 

hk last day 1

And of course, the outfit! *bow* I wore a see-through top and paired it with my new peplum skirt from Wardrobe Check. I owe it to peplum pieces for covering my big tummy. Aside from the fact that it does that (covers the tummy), it comes in a variety of colors and prints too. This particular floral-printed skirt is the cutest of the bunch I’ve seen in Wardrobe Check’s collection. Seems like I’m missing summer in this post. I’m definitely a Summer Chic, you know. *Grin*

hk last day 4
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Say hello to my Charles & Keith shoes again! You’ll see this pair often in my next posts as well. I still have to break-in to them though because my soles still hurt when I wear them too long. *insert sad face here*

hk last day 2

That’s all for tonight, my loves!

Aren’t you missing summer too? *Sigh*

Anyway, until my next post, loves!

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Love lots,

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