Dress like Minnie.

All photos in this post were taken by the ever-so-lovely, © Isabella Zingaloa. Thank you so much Sab!

night hk 1
Dress: H & M | Stockings: H & M

During this time of the year, each year I would always browse through Facebook and envy those who dress up for Halloween. I am truly amazed with people who come up with bright ideas to create costumes that would eventually be the talk-of-the-town for the Halloween season. I seldom go out and when I do it’s mostly just for a casual dinner and a small gathering with friends or sometimes, part-ey. (No Halloween parties and such.) *Wink*

night hk 3
Minnie Mouse Ears Headband: Hong Kong Disneyland

To cut it short, I wanted to be “IN” for the trick or treating night at Disneyland. The only problem is I wasn’t able to bring my costume. *Gasp* Desperate calls for desperate measures or should I say “let’s improvise.” *Smirk*

Early that day, I came across with this red dress, pearl necklace and polka dot stockings. Red and polka dots… Hmn… and Voila! I know exactly what I wanted to dress up as. I wanted to be Minnie Mouse. It’s the easiest one I could think of. *teehee* 

So, I bought a sequined Minnie Mouse ears when we got to Disneyland that night. As you can see here, it suits my dress so well. I didn’t look that much like Minnie Mouse though but this is how they do it here. You think of the most significant features of one character and bring them all together to make a new outfit and it still makes sense. It makes sense, right? You’d still look like the character you want to portray.

night hk 2
Boots (Old): So Fab!
And that’s about it!

This is super late but I want to wish each and everyone of you a very late but sincere greeting of Happy Halloween! *Lol*

Have a great night, guys!


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