Haute PFB.

I know this post is later than ever but I would still like to share with you this unforgettable event through a couple of photos taken by our dearest photographers, Mr. Harold Rico and Mr. Anson Ong.


copy 3
Dress: A Gift from my Uncle

Here we go! I’ve been using my new weapon already. I hope the pictures turn out better than before. What do you think about the pictures? Better? Let me know. 


All photos were taken by © Isabella Zingaloa. Again, thanks a bunch Sab!

hk last day
Top: Topshop

It’s departure time! This is one of those moments I will never ever forget because before we even took these shots, Sab, my cousin (Sam) and my not-so-little sister (Inna) and I got lost at the Hong Kong Airport. *Gasp*

Dress like Minnie.

All photos in this post were taken by the ever-so-lovely, © Isabella Zingaloa. Thank you so much Sab!

night hk 1
Dress: H & M | Stockings: H & M

During this time of the year, each year I would always browse through Facebook and envy those who dress up for Halloween. I am truly amazed with people who come up with bright ideas to create costumes that would eventually be the talk-of-the-town for the Halloween season. I seldom go out and when I do it’s mostly just for a casual dinner and a small gathering with friends or sometimes, part-ey. (No Halloween parties and such.) *Wink*

Summer in the Winter.

All photos in this post were taken by © Isabella Zingaloa.
day 2 hk 2

This is what I wore to our 2nd day at Hong Kong. It was colder than I expected so this shot was technically (as Camille Co would say it) a “tiis-ganda” moment. *Wink*

Getting Cold.

All the photos in this post were taken by my friend, Isabella Zingaloa. Thank you Sab! *hugs*

Sweater: Bench | Leggings: For me

I recently bought a new weapon to further enhance the quality of the photos here in my blog. Talk about improvement, eh? *teehee* 

Sweet Serendipity Closet Sale!

Earlier last month, my best friend and co-blogger, Elle, and I came up with a photo shoot featuring our pre-loved clothes. My first-ever closet sale as I call it reflects the different styles I’ve been strutting even before I engaged in blogging. Be effortlessly chic in these trendy pieces and snag your piece of Sweet Serendipity at a fraction of the price. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all who helped us with the shoot. Thank you Mr. Anson Ong for the undeniably beautiful photos. Thank you to my friends Elle and Danica for modeling some of my clothes. *Smiles* 

*All photos in this post were taken by one of our favorite photographers, Mr. Anson Ong.

Black Sequined Top (Forever 21) Php 400
Bandage Skirt Php 200

Bazaar for All Season Winners!

Today and tomorrow are the days to shop til’ you drop at the Bazaar for All Season at Elements Tent, Eton Centris along Quezon Ave., Quezon City! I really hope I could come and join the fun with you guys. Unfortunately, I can’t come. *insert sad face here* 

Nevertheless, I want to know the bits of your shopping experience. To the winners of my giveaway, do let me know about it thru email and you could probably share to us your hauls as well. To cut it short, I want to congratulate the winners of my giveaway and thank all of those who spent a minute or two to join the giveaway fun. And the winners of my “Bazaar for all Season” giveaway (chosen via random.org) are the following: *drum roll*

NetNet Moscoso
Seev Yabut
Ail Marie Abuan
Kris Marynette Jose
Rina Ignacio
Allysa Petros
Djhoanna Lucas
Chelsi Bernardino
Fatima Erika Ong
Michelle Chen

Once again, thank you guys for your continuous support! 

Enjoy and have wonderful day ahead!
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