Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Bubbles

I have been one happy kid these past few days. Maybe it’s because I’m getting enough sleep now (even though it doesn’t look like I’ve had enough sleep). Whatever it is, I know that I’m genuinely happy. *Smirk*

Left: Bedazzle Accessories | Right: Braided Bracelet: Superb Finds | Chain Bracelet: Bubbles | Beaded Bracelets and Spikes: Bedazzle Accessories

A Happy day calls for a happy outfit-of-the-day, don’t you think? This is why I decided to keep my ensemble looking vibrant and colorful. And I’m glad that I was able to take my accessories for a spin this time. I stacked on a number of arm candies from my favorite online sources namely: Bedazzle Accessories, Superb Finds and Bubbles. I personally think that they look good enough to eat. Yea? *Wink*

Orange necklace: Superb Finds

I’ve worn this particular necklace from Superb Finds in a previous post. The orange necklace is a great match for the orange details on my aztec skirt, which (I must say) is the focal point and the main inspiration of the whole look. I purchased this skirt online from none other than, Bubbles, at less than 200 bucks. Awesome deal, right? There’s more where that came from! I suggest you check out Bubbles for their wide range of skirts and many more trendy items. Click here.
Green Heels: Feed Your Sole

I also got the chance to wear these babies from Feed Your Sole. I was never a fan of strappy, open-toed heels like these. To tell you frankly, my toes aren’t that nice-looking. That is why I’d rather wear pumps or at least a pair which wouldn’t keep everyone’s eyes on my toes. But of course, you have to be open to trying out new things. You know, innovation is the key to lessen boredom in this world. Agree? *Smiles*


And Welcome to Cioccolo! I’d love to tell you more about it but I’d spoil the next post if I did. To know more about Cioccolo, you have to wait and stay tuned until my next posts or click here

That’s all for now!

(Thank you Gabs Soriano for taking these shots for me! )

I hope you liked this short post, my loves!

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