A Rainbow.

Last week, I posted a photo of me via Facebook, a teaser of what I wore during our culminating activity for our personality development and public relations class. Technically, it isn’t a teaser because you’ve seen the whole thing but still I want to blog about it. *Smirk*
© Christian Lumbang
Hair and Make-up: Poklong Guina

The event I attended was a formal dinner held at Holiday Inn, Clark. The program ran short enough, giving me ample time to take outfit shots. You are well aware that I am not going to talk about the event per se, right? As usual, the entire look is the main star of this post. 
Weeks before the said event, I knew that my gown just had to be designed and made by none other than, Frederick Policarpio. He would always come up with dresses and gowns that are truly enchanting, each one unique, every bit a masterpiece. And for the nth time, he left me in awe as he revealed this magnificent gown before me. It was like no other.
© Christian Lumbang

The gown was a nude laced cocktail dress topped with a sheer, rainbow ombre overskirt. I felt giddy the moment I saw it because it was a fusion of the top trends we indulge in right now: ombre + lace + sheer. I adore the see-through skirt, how it can be sexy yet still remain elegant. 
Lace has always been a classic and a sophisticated take during formal events. Then, it was paired with an ombre piece, a trend you wouldn’t usually find in occasions like this. The whole look made heads turn. It was something new to the eyes of many. I love how it was attention-grabbing in just a simple silhouette. Overall, it was effortlessly gorgeous. Thank you very much Mr. Frederick Policarpio!

© Christian Lumbang

Apart from the talk-of-the-town gown, I wouldn’t want the dark circles under my eyes and the blemishes to be the focal point, right? I have to look attractive despite the stress I constantly run into. Good thing, tito Poklong Guina, is always here to make me look red-carpet ready. 

My hair looked like it was strategically tied up like a bun on the side, after it was curled with an iron. Ok, please bear with me. I’m not really good at describing how my hair looked but you get my point, don’t you? *Grin* 

My make-up was simple as well. The eye make-up was striking while the cheeks were given a little flush. The lips, on the other hand, was brushed with a natural-colored lipstick and topped off with a gloss. Voila! I looked like I’ve had enough sleep. I love this look. Thank you tito Poklong! *Smiles*
© Christian Lumbang
Shoes: Aldo Sale Shop
Since the gown in itself was a statement, to cap it off, I chose to wear simple gold accessories and a pair of glittery-gold pumps. 
And that’s it! That’s all for now!
What do you think about this gown? Let me know. *Smiles*
Thank you to my friend, Christian Lumbang, for taking my outfit shots for this post. *Hugs*
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Have a good day, loves!

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