The Right Cut.

All photos in the post were taken by my beybeh, Cheska Balingit


During the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers’ shoot, we had a second outfit to strut. All of which were sponsored by the different designers and shops here at our very hometown. Mi love, Khai Nunag, styled the outfits according to our tastes and preferences. And boy, how I loved mine! 


When I saw each and everybody’s outfit, I’d say “That is sooo you!” And so was my outfit! It is just the style for me. It’s edgy, sexy and sweet at the same time. It’s a dress designed by a great designer named Brit C. Tripudio. As I was browsing through Brit’s works of art, I found that the lovely designer was fond of unique cuts. The dresses in her portfolio are full of futuristic styles and one-of-a-kind silhouettes. If you want to see her other designs, click here

 Cloth Bracelets: Quirkypedia | Thread-Chain Bracelet: Artcessories

The bracelets I wore were from Quirkypedia and Artcessories, two of the most well-known online accessory stores here in Pampanga. Chic and affordable accessories, just what we need to add sweet candy to a rather too sultry ensemble.

What do you think of this sponsored outfit? *Smirk*

That’s all for now! I got to get to class in a couple of hours. It’s exam day today! Wish me luck!

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Good day, loves!
Erese Cruz sign

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