All photos in this post are taken by Lorenzo Rances

Red Skirt: Sabrina

Last Saturday, I was part of a shoot for the upcoming collection of Fashion Strikes. The blogger that I am, I will now provide a short description of the said shop.*teehee* It is an online shop launched last August by one of the closest friends I have, Mabel. Fashion Strikes offers one of a kind pieces of clothing which are usually available as one piece per style only. You’ll never have to worry about double trouble. You know what I mean. *Wink* Well, I will tell you all about that in my next post which will feature a few pictures of the behind-the-scenes. Watch out for that! *Smiles*

Ladder-back Midriff Corset: Wardrobe Check

I am so grateful for our dear photographer, Lorenzo Rances, for taking my outfit photos for that day. No editing needed. Thank you Lorenz! 

Ahem. Back to my outfit post! Here is what I wore for that day. I am wearing my new staple, remember? Yes, my ladder-back midriff from Wardrobe Check. Thank you Wini for this! Hmn… I love how the structure being a ladder-back style makes it the sexiest thing in the world. *haha* But, the checkered pattern of the cloth itself gives a “ready for picnic” or country-style vibe to it. It was hot that day so it was the perfect excuse to wear such an exposed type of clothing. *Grin*

Sunglasses: Gurly Glam Shoppe

The red skirt. *Bow* The skirts are my top picks from Sabrina clothing. They can make one for you that would fit like a glove. Plus, you can choose in a wide range of colors. Brilliant is one word I’d use to describe Sabrina. Thank you Teena of Sabrina!

Blue spikes: Bedazzle Accessories | Black spikes: Forever 21 | Jeweled Cuff: Hailey and Five

A variety of accessories from Forever 21, Bedazzle Accessories and Hailey and Five were found stacked up in my arms. You know how I adore mixing punk styles with feminine ensembles. It is just one way of saying fashion has no rules and limits.

Spade ring: Hailey and Five

Gold metal-cap toe flats: Forever 21

I needed to keep my feet flat on the ground. No, not because I’m an airhead. It is because I have to keep feeling comfortable throughout the shoot since most of the time I was wearing 5-inch heels in every outfit. This is my savior of all-time, my comfy gold flats from Forever 21. 


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I really hope I could provide you, my readers, consistent lovely shots. I’m doing the best I can to do so while I’m still saving up for my camera. Please do bear with me. 

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Good night my loves! Culinary tour day tomorrow!
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