BTS: Pampanga Fashion Bloggers.

All photos in this post are grabbed from my fellow fashion bloggers and the creative photographers.

© Nina Pineda

Let me give you a walk-through to the recently concluded first-ever Pampanga Fashion Bloggers’ shoot. It was the lovely Khai Nunag of the Insuperable Super who started it all, from the idea of having the shoot, the planning as well as the organizing per se. Hands down to you mi love! It was a total success!

© Anson Ong

The said event was held at our place, Royal Garden Golf and Country Club. The clubhouse was the perfect place for the shoot since it is a beauty in itself, no need to set-up. If you don’t believe me, then go see it for yourself. *Smirk*

What is Pampanga Fashion Bloggers you say? This literally means a group of Fashion bloggers living here in Pampanga. However, this group isn’t just A GROUP. It is more than just that. It aims to promote fashion blogging and the businesses here. Apart from that, it aims to provide a higher level of acceptance when it comes to fashion and dressing up. 

© Anson Ong

A few shots of our sponsored items from the following:


dos garcia2
© Dos Garcia

Meet Nicko, Andiee, Ivy, Jhavoo, Zack and Jeroy! (from left to right)

dos garcia
© Dos Garcia

My feet got tired from running around. *haha.*

from cheska
© Cheska Balingit

© Boogie Yu

© Nina Pineda

To have the same love and passion for one common thing is what bonds us. Yes, friends in an instant. The laughs and craziness are what I miss most from the photo shoot. *Smiles*

Here are the links to our official photographers:


© Boogie Yu

A beautiful picture with my bezt Elle and mi love Khai by Boogie Yu

© Boogie Yu

Posing for the camera while ate Tse remains hyper.

© Boogie Yu

There would be no Pampanga Fashion Bloggers without the full cooperation, support and love of my newfound friends, the bloggers themselves: (links for now, will tell you more about them later)

Until my next post, loves!

Have a Happy Sunday!

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Erese Cruz sign

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