BTS: Pampanga Fashion Bloggers.

All photos in this post are grabbed from my fellow fashion bloggers and the creative photographers.

© Nina Pineda

Let me give you a walk-through to the recently concluded first-ever Pampanga Fashion Bloggers’ shoot. It was the lovely Khai Nunag of the Insuperable Super who started it all, from the idea of having the shoot, the planning as well as the organizing per se. Hands down to you mi love! It was a total success!

Dare to go Denim.


Denim Shirt: Forever 21 | Shorts: JellyBean

When you want an effortlessly chic ensemble, one way to do it is to don your basic denim shirt and shorts and pile up some of those jewelry. 

New in: Gold and Colors.

Accessories from Bedazzle Accessories

You know how I get giddy when my purchases arrive in the mail. I got all these earlier this week. First up, Bedazzle Accessories again! Thank you Cath! I love the handmade bracelets you included. Plus, I adore those colorful spikes. Obviously, I just can’t get enough of accessories. I just have to update my collection every now and then. I have a handful that I don’t use anymore so I might be including those in my pre-loved sale soon. What do you think? *Smirk*

Red Palazzo.

Aztec Bustier Top: Purchased by Elle from Twins Closet

You know how I’m fond of sophisticated clothes. Lengthy clothes such as maxi skirts and palazzo pants keep heads turning because it always adds up to the drama of an outfit.

That Neon Glow.


Top: Jar Clo

Neon has been such a trend nowadays. Frankly, I was a bit hesitant at rocking this certain style but you just have to look for pieces that work for you and your taste. I did not want to go head-to-toe neon and look like a walking highlighter although my outfit here is already overloaded with neon. 


One fine day, I  decided to wear an outfit inspired by Ballet costumes. I know that you’re currently looking for tutus and round toe flats. Well, this is my own way of strutting ballet. The look includes a mixture of textures and prints with the same silhouettes as of the leotards and full skirts.


Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Jar Clo

New in: Neon and Aztec.


Neon accessories! Thank you Superb Finds!

The past few days were gloomy and cold for me. Apart from the weather, I was also overwhelmed with the tasks I have to accomplish for school. But imagine the excitement and glee on my face when I received this package from Superb finds. These colorful pieces turned my day to a much brighter one. I can’t wait to wear these! Thank you Superb Finds! Check out Superb Finds’ page for these accessories and more! Click here.

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