Sexy in Pastels.


Top: JellyBean

My last hoorah for the month of June included a Hi-low skirt from It’s All About Hue! and an infusion of pastels. 


Hi-Low Skirt: It’s All About Hue!

I often get attracted to more sultry colors and pieces of clothing. Most of the time, I stay away from light-colored clothes because I think they make me look too young. I mean… too young. Yea. *Smiles*


But this, this outfit has just the right amount of corporate and trendy in it. The cut of the skirt gives a sexy vibe to the look. Apart from that, I was able to play with some pastels, making the outfit look more elegant yet chic.


Top Chain Bracelet: Bubbles | Blue & Lilac rhinestone bracelets: Accessorize | Blue beaded bracelet: Bubbles | Charm Bracelet: Jewels and Charms
I added on colors and textures with the help of my trusty bracelets! Remember the charm bracelets Jewels sent me? If not, Click Here. The blue charm bracelet I am wearing here is one of my favorites mainly because of the Eiffel Tower. It reminds me of my dream to travel to Paris, France. I plan to make it happen someday. *The Paris Experience*


Nude Pumps: So Fab!

My new pair of Nude Pumps from So Fab! completed this ensemble. Besides the sophistication it adds up, it also contributes to making me seem taller. *Smirk*


I also gave my Hollywood Flats from RedGirl Shop for a walk. 


Gold Flats: RedGirl Shop


Hollywood Gold Flats from RedGirl Shop

As you might have known in my previous posts, I know I mentioned that it is quite hard for me to find the perfect closed shoes because of the shape of my feet. 

So, I needed a new pair of comfortable flats. Yeah! I found it! Or it found me! *tee hee*

Thank you Ms. Jen of RedGirl Shop for this pair of flats. I tried it at work today and I feel like I was just at home wearing my fuzzy slippers. Yes, it is that comfy. Not only do I feel good wearing it, it’s also stylish and portable too! It comes in this gold purse where you can fold it and just dump it in your bag. *uh-huh!*

Check out RedGirl Shop for your pair of portable flats! Click Here


Picture taken by Baby Zia


The month of June was awesome for me. I am grateful for every opportunity and all things happy that God sent me this month. I’m very thankful indeed. How about you? What was the month of June like for you? 

Share your thoughts and suggestions by leaving a comment below!

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Hope you had a happy June! Now… Off to July! *Smirk*

Until my next blog post! Hugs & Kisses!

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