New in: Super Sale Finds.

As I’ve stated in my previous posts, I’ll be sharing with you my fabulous finds during the Super Sale craze. So, here are a couple of pictures of what I got from my Bazaar shopping.
Pink Collar Necklace from Hailey and Five

Statement necklaces give that extra oomph to an otherwise simple outfit. When I saw this at the Hailey and Five booth, I new I had to have one of these. Thank you Je for giving me this! It is way beyond pretty. Hugs!
Neon necklace and Leather bracelets
I can’t get enough of accessories. A neon necklace to give off a bold look to any ensemble. My latest addition of leather bracelets to add more character to my rock n’ roll looks. *I forgot which booth I got this from though. My apologies.
Beaded bracelets from Bedazzle Accessories
I would definitely get more beaded bracelets like these. These look great stacked up. I especially love the sweet, juicy colors of the bracelets I bought from Bedazzle Accessories. Aside from that, I was also given an orange ring resembling a gumball. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a shot of that but you’ll be seeing it in my next outfit posts soon. *Smiles*
Basic V-neck T-shirts from Asma/Heart factory
When I’m too lazy to dress up, I always want to just a grab a shirt and whatever bottom there is and I’m out. So I bought a perfectly fit and crisp white shirt and a black one to update my basics.
Blue mullet skirt from Shop Androgyny and Green Maxi Skirt from K by J.S.
If you’ve been viewing my outfit posts, you probably noticed that I mostly wear dresses or skirts. I rarely wear a pair of pants. Now, I am currently obsessed with mullet skirts and maxi skirts. Hello Obsession! *Grin*
Lace Cut-out dress and Basic white button down from House of Eva
I love button-down tops. It is versatile enough to be paired with pants or leggings to give off a casual and relaxed vibe. Also, it could be paired with a skirt to make it look posh and glam. More button-down tops please! *Smiles*
And the Lace Cut-out dress? Yeah, enough said. *Giggles* Fresh and fierce it is!
Aztec Bodycon skirt from Surplus
I also dropped by Mall of Asia to check out what the fuss is all about there. I didn’t plan on buying anything there but this was a must-buy. Body-con? Check. Aztec? Check. Neons? Check. Snagged it at once when I saw that it was priced at only around 350 pesos. Good deal!
That’s about it for my mini shopping haul. Which one’s your pick?
Were you able to drop by the SuperSale Bazaar? How about the Mall of Asia Sale?
Tell me all about your experiences about that and your finds as well! *Smirk*
Have a great day loves!
Erese Cruz sign

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