Metallic Glamour.


One-shoulder dress used as top: Forever 21

Today I got the chance to meet and bond with two gorgeous fashion bloggers namely Cheska Balingit and Khai Nunag. Most of these pictures were taken by my beybeh, Cheska Balingit. Thank you dear! Love you! *giggles*


Before I tell you what we’ve been up to, let me tell you the details of this outfit.


Metallic Shorts: It’s All About Hue!

The look revolved around my new metallic shorts from It’s All About Hue! 

I paired it with an abstract top in neutral colors that match perfectly with the color of the shorts. 


Sunglasses: Gurly Glam Shoppe

I think this outfit need not too much accessories so I only chose to wear my new Baroque shades and my gold necklace.


Gold Necklace: Trendphile Manila


Metallic Shorts: It’s All About Hue!


The gold accessories add a more glamorous feel to the ensemble. While, the shades gave that unique twist to this outfit. *Smirk*


Shoes: Borrowed from my little sister

Good thing my sister and I have the same shoe size because this pair of wedges are the perfect touch I needed to complete my outfit for today. 

Glamorous is one word to describe the whole look. What do you think about this look?


Now, let me share to you about what occurred this afternoon. Meet the beautiful ladies I now love and adore, Cheska Balingit and Khai Nunag. *Smiles*


With Pampanga Fashion Bloggers Khai Nunag and Cheska Balingit

We met today to discuss about our plans for the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers photo shoot. We decided upon the essential who, what, where. We listed down photographers and sponsors that are willing to collaborate with us on a specific date. We also talked about the concept and the flow of the shoot. By the way, if you are interested to do a collaboration with us for our upcoming photo shoot, feel free to email us at


Most of you might ask, what is this photo shoot for? and Who are these Pampanga Fashion Bloggers?

Khai started it all. She inspired all of us to engage in this photo shoot. Soon after the shoot, you will be introduced to the fashion bloggers of Pampanga. We seek to promote fashion, blogging and the businesses here at our very own Pampanga.

To know more about us, like our page on Facebook and tune in for updates. 


I definitely had fun today with these girls. I’m super excited to meet the other bloggers! *Grin*

Well, that’s all for now!

Visit Khai and Cheska’s sites!

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Feel free to send me some love by leaving comments below.

Credits to Cheska Balingit for all my pictures for this post. 

Until my next post! Hugs and Kisses!


Erese Cruz sign

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