Friday Adventure.

Here is my take on the recently concluded SuperSale Bazaar. My previous post was about what I wore for the bazaar. If you haven’t seen that yet, Click Here. This time I would like to share with you some photos I took during the said event and other happenings that day. Here goes… *Smiles*


First stop, Bedazzle accessories! I felt a warm welcome when I reached the Bedazzle booth. Ms. Cath immediately noticed me and greeted me with a lovely smile on her face. Well, I got a few pieces from Bedazzle Accessories which I will show you later on in a different blog post. *Smirk* Thank you Cath for being so welcoming and kind to me. Hugs&Kisses!
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V-neck shirts from Heart Factory/Asma

Plain T-shirts can look funky when paired with tribal, floral or neon cut-off shorts. I have my share of these Asma shirts. Which one do you think I got? *Wink* 


Heart Factory

Here in the Heart Factory, I bought a charm bracelet as a gift for my mom. *Cough* Tactics *Cough*
Kidding aside, I always love to see my mom happy. She feels more ecstatic whenever we give her presents. So when I was rummaging through the piles and piles of accessories all-over World Trade Center, only one item screamed “Especially made for Mama.” It was a gold chain filled with big, gold charms that looked dainty yet fun, just perfect for my mom. Guess what? When I gave her the small, blue box, the moment she opened it, she giggled and then she hugged and kissed me, grateful for what she received. Heart-warming, isn’t it? *Grin*


Meet Farah Abu, the mastermind of the one-of-a-kind jewelry you see in the photo above.




“R” shoes


“R” shoes






Then there comes a point where our jaws drop or our mouths water because we encounter too-pretty-to-be-true pairs of shoes, just like the photos above. Countless pairs from Sugarfree shoes,“R”, Das shoes, Tonic Bags and Shoes and more left me in awe. Glitters, studs, spikes, floral, you name it, they surely have it. I am currently obsessed about the heel-less shoes from Tonic! Will save up for that first. Which one is your pick? *Smirk*


Dresses overload at House of Eva


Must-have buttoned up top from House of Eva


I saw Only the Marvelous, Joanna Ladrido, at the Glitterati booth! 




Basic tops and tees from Jar Clothing

A variety of booths offered a wide range of clothing from basic tops to party dresses!




Hailey and Five’s range of standout neckpieces


The beautiful Je of Hailey and Five

I dropped by the Hailey and Five x Jar Clo x Hello Anya booth and finally met the prettiest lady ever, Je Santos. I went through her display of accessories. Hailey and Five accessories always make a statement. Speaking of statements, I got a stunning piece to show you on my next post so stay tuned for that. Thank you Je! I’ll be seeing you real soon! *Wink*


Apart from clothing and accessories, the bazaar was also jam-packed with Make-up and cosmetics booth. One of which is the Redgirl shop. Will update my beauty loot soon with the help of “RED” from Redgirl shop!

That’s all for the SuperSale bazaar…

But my adventure didn’t end there, the main purpose of why I was in Manila that Friday was because I and my classmates had to meet up with THE “Side A” band. That night, we were fortunate enough to watch them perform at Baga Berde located just across the World Trade Center. They were brilliant! Awesome! I will tell you all about the details of why I had to meet them when everything’s well and polished. *Smiles*

What do you think about this post? Were you able to go too? Tell me all about it.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions below, loves.

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Erese Cruz sign

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