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What to wear on a rainy day?


Leather Jacket: People are People

Rainy days do not only call for nonchalant clothes. It does not mean we have to wear just about anything that could keep us dry, warm and comfortable through the whole day of pouring rain. Appropriateness and style goes together, you know. Appropriateness is what blends you in to a certain occasion or weather even. But style? It is what sets you apart from the rest.


These past few days, I’ve been busy with school so I apologize for the lack of posts. I am going to make up for it as soon as I get some of the tasks done. Going back to my outfit, this ensemble pumped up the volume and took my favorite rock and roll look to a whole new level. *Smirk*


The leather jacket added character and the punk vibe necessary for this look. I wouldn’t want to wear an all-black ensemble to an already gloomy day so adding a pop of color gave the outfit a more refreshed feel.


Slave Bracelet: Mythical beads

Mythical Beads never fails to amaze me especially when it comes to creating customized slave bracelets like what I’m wearing here. The colors of the beads worked perfectly with the colors of my skirt. Look how fierce yet fun it looks worn with this outfit. 


Lace Booties: Janilyn

Finished off with my lace booties from Janilyn, to keep the glam rock going.

So, what do you think about this outfit?

What would you wear on a rainy day?

That's about it for this post.

Feel free to leave some comments and suggestions below.

Have a nice day everyone! *Smiles*


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