Print on Shimmer.


Sequined Dress used as a top: Forever 21

I love the print on print trend we have nowadays. But, how about sequins and prints? Well, I think it looks way more enchanting. This outfit looks quite busy because of the prints on the skirt and the wave pattern of the sequins. Nevertheless, it remained attractive to me.


Printed Pleated skirt: Trendphile Manila

This skirt I got from Trendphile Manila is a great find. I was stunned when I saw this at Trenphile’s multiply, fashionable at only around 400 bucks. Tell me that’s not the best deal ever? *Straight Face*

I adore the print and the colors of this piece which resembles a scarf-like concept. This print is trending at the moment. The next time you shop load on prints similar to that of my skirt and pair it up just the way you like it. *Smiles*


Left Hand: Bracelets all from Bubbles | Right Hand: Yellow and Blue beaded bracelets from Bubbles ; Green Cuff and Yellow and Blue leather bracelet from Butingtings

I got a bunch of new accessories that came in from the mail this week. I was excited to wear them. So, why wait? *Smirk*

I chose green, gold, yellow and blue accessories to match the colors of my lovely skirt. The pairing of my sequined top and my printed skirt were already too crazy. Hence, I opted to jazz up my look with accessories which have colors that will match my skirt. *Grin*


Blue booties: Charlotte Russe

Completed the ensemble with a pair of blue booties from Charlotte Russe. The color complements both the top and the skirt. While, the platform style and the ruffles on the ankle boots give off a fun flair on the outfit.


That’s all for my post tonight! 

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Hope you enjoyed my short post!

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