Ever dreamt of owning an utterly expensive Juicy Couture Bracelet filled with lovely charms? I am indeed guilty about this. *Straight face*

I always dreamt of filling my bracelet with charms that will remind me of the little things that make me smile. I would love to fill it with trinkets that will make me remember the BIG steps I took in life, my milestones perhaps. 


While I still don’t have my sparkling Juicy Couture piece, thank you God for hand-made jewelry. These were sent to me this week. Jewels of Jewels and Charms asked me to choose the colors that I would want for my bracelets as well as 6 charms to be placed on each. We were talking about personalized charm bracelets awhile ago right? Well, this is the perfect and inexpensive alternative. I chose from over 40 charms to put on my bracelet and between 10 colors of the chords which are interlocked with the chains. I love the outcome!  


Thank you Jewels for these bracelets and the other accessories you sent me. I love them all to bits! 

And you, if you want your personalized charm bracelet at a fraction of the price, get yours now at Jewels and Charms!
Click Here.

What do you think of these bracelets? *Think.Think.Think*

More about these on my next outfit posts!

Until next time, my loves!

Erese Cruz sign

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