Dress: Forever 21 | Blazer: Tomato

It’s the most nerve-racking time of the school year, the enrollment period. I stayed at school for almost the whole day. I knew I had to wait long hours to get things done. Hence, I chose to be in style with all the waiting. Talk about fashionably stressed?

I wore a little black dress. Not just any little black dress, a studded one. *Grin* I wore a grey blazer on top of it to avoid looking like I’m off to a party. *Smirk*


Pearl necklace: Forever 21 | Crystal Necklace: From Bangkok | 

I came up with my entwined necklaces. I wrapped the pearl necklace around the crystal one to create more volume to the neck piece. I didn’t stack up on bracelets. Instead, I showed off my statement rings. My sparrow ring from Butingtings is one of my most loved rings at the moment.It’s jewel-encrusted plus it could match any outfit because of its silver finish. On the other hand, (the right hand) My connector ring from Bubbles never fails to compete when we talk about making a statement. All were stunned with my huge connector ring which goes on three fingers; it looks very unique yet classy at the same time. *Smile*


Sparrow ring: Butingitngs | Flower Connector ring: Bubbles


Ankle Boots: Forever 21

A pair of black ankle booties completed the ensemble nicely. To keep the “Stylish” part going, I opted for this black number. It takes the outfit to new heights. *Wink* It contributes a classic and feminine vibe through the color and the style of these babies. Oh. Of course, at school, I replaced my ankle boots with my pair of over-used, rubber flats to be able to sustain strolling back and forth, from building to building.

I have nothing more to share, just my usual outfit post. *Smile*

Again, thank you to my younger sister, Inna, for having the patience in taking my photos.

To all my readers, if you have any suggestions, comments or propositions, you can leave me a comment below or email me at erle.therese@gmail.com


Sweet dreams everyone! Hugs and Kisses.

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