Business matters.

Top: Topshop | Blazer: Tomato | Shorts: Forever 21

Today, I had ample time to do my make-up. Tada! So… On to my look for the day…

Though I get tired of my usual corporate casual outfit, I always have to look a tad bit presentable for work.
What can go wrong with a colored blazer and a pair of shorts? Hmn. Of course I made sure that the shorts I was wearing were not skimpy, to stick to exuding a “I mean business” look. *Smiles*

Tassel Necklace: Bubbles | Necklace used as a Wrap Bracelet: Bubbles

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you probably know how “Bubbles” gained a special place in my heart. (Drama?) *Smirk*

Here I am once again with another bunch of accessories. For this look, I stuck with neutral colors, a dash of black over there and a lot of white, gold, and brown.

Pumps: Aldo

This outfit would have looked more casual if I wore a pair of flats or sandals. A pair of brown pumps kept it looking smart and formal. It also added a little sexiness to the look. *Grin*


I was browsing all over Facebook and Multiply because I was looking for a stunning pair of shoes. I badly need a new pair. However, I didn’t find the perfect one. If you have any suggestions on what to get and where to get it, feel free to leave me a comment below.

And… Earlier on my facebook wall, I posted that I will be having a giveaway on the month of June. It was supposed to be a surprise but I just couldn’t contain my happiness to myself because as you all know, this will be my first-ever blog giveaway! I know it will be a successful one! Keep on visiting my blog every now and then for this. You’ll love the prizes that we will be giving away. *Wink*

Credits to Isabella Zingaloa for taking my outfit photos!

That’s all for tonight!

Good night my loves!

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