I’m kind of getting tired of wearing the same old Corporate chic clothes I wear almost everyday. So, say hello to one of my laid-back attires!


Shorts: Bubbles

This is definitely a “Bubbly” ensemble. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, I adore Bubbles. It just gives that one-of-a-kind look for any of the outfits I can think of. Why Bubbly, you ask? It is because most of the items I’m wearing here are from the said online shop. 

People just can’t get enough of my colorful pair of shorts from Bubbles. The tears, studs and the colors, everything is too perfect for summer. Laid-back has never looked this colorful. *Smiles


Wayfarers: Jellybean | Yellow Tassel Earrings: Bubbles

Bright-colored sunnies and my as-bright-as-the-sun yellow Tassel earrings keep heads turning. *Smirk


Orange Peace Bracelet: Yellow Daisies | Neon Yellow and Orange bracelets: Bubbles

I told myself that I would tone down on wearing accessories to keep the attention to my clothes. But how can I resist? it is part of my system! *laughs


Brown boots: Tutum Shop

My pair of boots are wonderful for both casual and dressy attires. I got these from another online shop called Tutum Shop. Tutum shop brings us stylish pairs of flats, boots and pumps alike. Trendy yet affordable shoes are what they offer for it to be accessible to every fashionable lady out there. How about grabbing a pair for yourself? *Wink


A photo I took of my cousin, Renzo

This Sunday is one of those nonchalant days. There were no particular plans for today except for the usual Mass in the morning, mall in the afternoon and work at night. Here are a few photos taken earlier this afternoon at Shakey’s.


Chef’s Salad from Shakey’s


Basket of Mojo’s from Shakey’s


Baby Zia enjoying her Mojo’s at Shakey’s

After going around the mall and eating lunch at Shakey’s, Sam insisted that I watch the “Avengers” movie with them. Though we didn’t do anything much today, baby Zia made sure that no Sunday is ever dull with her company. What did you do today? Hope you had a beautiful Sunday too!

Credits to Sam for taking my outfit photos forever. *Kisses

For any more suggestions and comments, feel free to leave some for me below…


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