All that glitters.

Don’t you love everything that glitters?

Top: Tomato | Sequined Dress: Forever 21

I went to work tonight wearing this, a gold, sequined dress under my sheer button up top. Everything about this just screams “Glamorous!”*Smirk*

Gold necklace: Trendphile

I didn’t want to stack on too much accessories because my dress is a statement by itself. So, I accessorized with only a few gold accessories. My gold metal necklace from Trendphile looks trendy. It gives any outfit a hint of sophistication, don’t you think?


Animal Print bracelet: Forever 21 


Heels: Aldo

To complete my look, a pair of caged heels did the trick. This shimmery pair sure did match my sequined dress. Though the color was more brownish than gold, I still think it goes beautifully with my dress. *Smiles*

Zia is just too cute to not include in my post

Whenever I’m in the middle of taking outfit pictures, Zia makes sure to be part of it. How can I not include her? Even though we almost always fight about anything, she still remains adorable to me. *Smirk* 


You’ll surely get that boost in self-confidence whenever you dress elegantly and appropriately. You feel eager to work harder and you’ll definitely work “happier” whenever you feel good about yourself. *Wink*

Enough with the drama… *Giggles*

I hope you liked my short post. I’m still cooking up on something for my readers.

Credits to my younger sister, Inna, for taking my pictures! Thank you! Hugs and Kisses!

Stay tuned! Until my next post! Tata!


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