Sparkle fever.

Shimmer, Glitters and sequins are not just for a night out in the town anymore. Look at how lovely this dress is especially when light hits its way. 

Dress: Forever 21

Once again, it is Sunday! It’s family day! and as usual, my cousin and I have nothing much to do… resulting to… Picture-me-crazy-day! *Grin 

With my cousin Sam

So this is our Part 2 of the few more Sunday photo shoots we’ll have. Meet my cousin Sam and Baby Zia. When I’m not at work or at school, most of my time is spent with them. Doing mostly… nothing. *Smirk
Meet Baby Zia!

But not anymore! (Insert Smiley here) Sam and I have plans for the following Sundays to come. Watch out! *Wink


Today, I opted for a fun yet corporate outfit. This dress is originally an A-line cut. But since I wanted to add more curves to it, I tied a belt to create the perfect curves. 

Necklace used as a bracelet: From Bangkok

I had this dress a year ago. If I remembered it right, I used it for the first time on my 18th birthday. Since then, I wasn’t able to wear it that much. I stumbled upon it yesterday and I knew that I had to wear it again. Staring at the sequins and the beading of this dress, just leaves you in awe. Right?

Ribbon Necklace: Forever 21

As for my neck piece, I chose a ribbon necklace with rhinestones. I didn’t want to go overboard with the neckline since I still wanted the attention to be on the dress specifically on the collar.

Flower connector ring: Bubbles

The stunning rings along with the necklace turned bracelet completed the look. These jewelry are classic yet quirky. Simple yet head-turning. 

Blue pumps: Forever 21

Lastly, the shoes. It breaks the monochromatic feel. I think choosing this pair of shoes maintains the elegance of the ensemble although it still brings a pop of color to the outfit. 

More to come next time! Hope you liked my post. I promise to have better quality photos soon. Hopefully... *Straight face

Comments and suggestions, feel free to leave one below! *Smiles


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