Rocker chic.

BKK Rocks Shirt: From Bangkok | Skirt: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Mango

I waited months to be able to have the time and guts to start my own blog. This is it! (insert smiley here) They call me “Erle” (pronounced as: Erl) or “Erese” (pronounced as: Eris). Apart from cooking, dancing and other activities I engage in, blogging is another love that I plan to take over for the following days of my life. This world isn’t new for me. I have always been inspired with fashion and I have been happily writing a lot lately. Fashion, beauty, food, travel and a couple of random topics about me will be posted in this blog. That ends my intro. *Smirk*

Necklace: Forever 21 | Flower Connector ring: Jellybean | Sparrow Connector ring: Butingtings
It was a hot Sunday afternoon yesterday, my cousin and I took pictures of our outfit for that day. We shot pictures outside but because of the scorching heat of the sun, we had to go inside and continue shooting there. I planned to be a rocker chic for that day. Thus, the booties! I played around with soft and edgy pieces of clothing and accessories. Birds, pearls, flowers… paired with spikes, boots and a tattered vest. Worked well for me.

Vest: From Bangkok
A great twist on this plain, denim vest would definitely be a fully sequined back. Purty huh? The moment I saw this particular vest, I knew I had to get one but of course, I bought two. One for me and another for my dearest cousin (vomits). The photo I took doesn’t do justice to how beautifully patterned the sequins are. If you would look closely, the sequins are lined in a way where it creates an image of a woman. Artistic, isn’t it?
Flower Connector Ring: Jellybean | Sparrow Connector Ring: Butingtings

Spikes Bracelet: Forever 21 | Purple Bracelet: From Bangkok
Could love for accessories be hereditary? Because my mom is addicted to accessories and so am I. (Insert smiley here) In my next posts, you will be seeing more of the accessories I love. Accessories adds spunk and twists to a rather simple ensemble. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces of jewelry and clothing. Besides, it is your style. You’ll look stunning in every way. As long as you feel good about what you’re wearing, all is good.

Booties: Janilyn
Hope you enjoyed my first-ever blog post! More and better blog posts to come! For suggestions and comments, feel free to leave one below.


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