Neck tied.

Dress: Forever 21

I felt very happy today so I decided to dress a little glamorous for work. Today, my schedule was quite jam-packed. I had to attend summer class as well as my practicum then go straight to work. Thankfully, dressing up makes me feel less stressed. Classic with a twist is always the safest way to being fashionable (my belief number 1). Well, in my beliefs, that is. A simple bandage dress paired with ankle boots and accessories (anything I can get my hands on). I’m ecstatic with the results of my mix-and-match-whatever-goes outfit today.


What makes the outfit different? Everybody was raving about this one. Yes! it is the detachable collar from Missartorial. Nude and lace are a classy combination. It does make the whole outfit different yet not too over-the-top. What I mean is, It still blends in. (insert smiley here) 

During my spare time, I would always go through the online stores that I love. One of them would definitely be Missartorial. My belief number 2: Innovation is the key to being successful in any business. One must “Wow” its consumers and the business must leave the customers wanting for more. I think this is what Missartorial did for us. They left us craving for more of those pretty collars. In line with that, I checked the multiply site recently. I’ve been seeing pastels and lace so if you’re curious and you have a love for such go check them out only at Missartorial. (Click Missartorial!)

Lace Detachable Collar: Missartorial | Pearl necklace: Forever 21 | Tassel necklace: Bubbles

Aside from my collar, I’m sure you’ve been eyeing on my necklaces. The tassel necklace with tangerine stones are from none other than the great Bubbles. Bubbles is an online store offering on-trend accessories and very soon I perceive a wide range of clothing. I commend Tati for always bringing out a head-turning set of jewelry every now and then. The rings, necklaces, bracelets and the like are all stunning yet affordable. Bubbles’ products and of course its dear owner Tati is the reason why I started to give-in to online shopping. Well, It is worth it and I can say this is the number one online store for me!  Oh. and a little bit more about my necklace… I had this customized. I trusted Tati with the decision on how my necklace will look like. It turned out AWESOME! I highly recommend Bubbles if you are into accessories like I do. Go check her Facebook page out! Click Bubbles!


Of course, I wouldn’t forget my stack of bracelets and my rings. I remember reading an article, stating that if you wouldn’t want all eyes looking at your big arms, a stack of bracelets will do the trick. I guess it only works for me when I wear a ton of bracelets. Bummer.

Pyramid ring: Forever 21

Here is one of my favorite rings… Don’t you just love how unique yet sophisticated it is?

Ankle Boots: Primadonna

I’ve had this boots for a long time now and I still use it. Whenever I wear these, I noticed that people wouldn’t give an awkward stare at my shoes like they usually do. A light brown or nude pair of shoes would lead the people’s attention to the piece of clothing/accessory that is either eye-catching or colorful. A pair of boots is my alternative for wedges and flats. Boots would always be on top of my list when it comes to choosing between boots and pumps. 

That is all for tonight, I hope you liked my post. Again, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below.


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