Color-blocking babe.

Summer is always the best time for color-blocking!

Top: Topshop | Bandage Skirt: The Closet Boutique

This bandage skirt arrived in my mail this week. Perfect timing! I was inspired to do a color-blocking outfit mainly because of this skirt from The Closet Boutique. The Closet Boutique is an online store specializing on customized tube tops and bandage skirts. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll definitely keep coming back for more of these babies. Bandage skirts are part of my basic clothing needs. It can always be transformed to casual up to a more corporate look depending on the top and shoes you pair it with.

Purple Bangle: Maldita | Tassel Bracelet: Bubbles | Vilettes: Bubbles

I never forget my stacks, do I? *Smiles* I mixed blue, purple and pink pieces of accessories to match my clothes for the day. Bubbles never let me down especially when it comes to colors. Don’t you hate it when you love a piece of clothing or an accessory perhaps, but it doesn’t have the color that you want? That never happened to me with Bubbles. Tati makes sure to give us a wide range of choices which makes me crazy most of the time because I always want to get one piece in all colors. *Straight Face* 

Feather Earring: Bubbles

Meet my feathery friend! *Wink* Words aren’t enough to express how much I adore this cute earring I got from Bubbles a couple months ago from a the Supersale Bazaar. This just adds a little more drama and excitement to my look. It even matches the length of my hair. It kind of looks like a feather extension, right?


Booties: Charlotte Russe (gift from Sam)

My blue booties is another statement in this ensemble. I am petite so heels are a must for me. *Smirk*

Happy Birthday Baby Hayley! 

Today, we celebrated my cousin Hayley’s 5th birthday! Don’t you just love her cake? It is made with REAL M&M’s. It was the highlight of the celebration. Everybody took a piece of M&M from that cake after Hayley blew the candle. Her cake was intricately made by Cups and Cakes by Kaye Henson (Available at SM Clark). Cups & Cakes by Kaye Henson brings scrumptious pastries at affordable prices. They also personalize cakes (anything under the sun) even as detailed as the cake above.

Our Vanilla Cupcakes

When I’m down in the dumps, I usually bake and I feel much better right after. Just this evening, I had the chance to bake a couple of cupcakes with my friends, Kim and Mark. Kim, Mark, Kia (my friends and business partners) and I have decided to put up a small business a few months ago, home-based of course. By orders only!

Hope you loved my post! *Smiles*

Credits to my cousin Dominique for taking my photos for today!

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Good night loves!


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