When you’re too lazy to think of what to wear, what should you do?

Bodycon dress: Forever 21

I grabbed my favorite bodycon dress, paired it with my favorite wedges, piled on some accessories and I’m good to go! 

Pink, Light Blue and Green Bracelets: Butingtings | Blue studded Bracelet: Bubbles

Wanted to add colors to the outfit so I chose to wear the trio bracelets I got from Butingtings a few months ago. Plus, I also wore one of the studded cuffs that I ordered from Bubbles. Tati (owner of Bubbles) have just posted new albums of awesome accessories. Better check them out! Bubbles

Snakeskin Wedges: So Fab!

This is by far, the most comfortable pair of heels I have. I can walk all day wearing these. Well, not really. I don’t easily find shoes that I feel comfortable wearing for a whole day of errands or a night out so finding this was heaven sent for me. I can wear this with trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, just about anything. The snakeskin gives angst to the dress. I love my So Fab Snakeskin wedges!


On to the event I attended… Yesterday was my great grandma’s 87th birthday! The whole family and our relatives gathered in a rather big celebration to show her how much all of us appreciate her. 

The Dessert Buffet

During parties on my side of the world, a variety of food are served made especially for that certain celebration. Whenever I come in the ballroom, my first stop would always be the dessert buffet. I have a deep love for pastries, both making them and the pleasure of eating them as well. You would always notice the excitement in my eyes whenever I’d be able to see a wide selection of beautiful and tasty treats.

Lola’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


The chocolate chip cookies and the crinkles are only a few of the family favorites. 

Last night was definitely a filling night. *Insert Smiley here*

A picture with my great Grandma

Here’s the birthday celebrant, my pretty great grandma. I knew she had a blast on her day. I talked to her this morning and she told me that she enjoyed her birthday. *Smiles*
Credits to my cousin, Sam for most of the pictures here. Thank you!

For any comments and suggestions, feel free to leave one below! 


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