Sparkle fever.

Shimmer, Glitters and sequins are not just for a night out in the town anymore. Look at how lovely this dress is especially when light hits its way. 

Dress: Forever 21

Once again, it is Sunday! It’s family day! and as usual, my cousin and I have nothing much to do… resulting to… Picture-me-crazy-day! *Grin 

Neck tied.

Dress: Forever 21

I felt very happy today so I decided to dress a little glamorous for work. Today, my schedule was quite jam-packed. I had to attend summer class as well as my practicum then go straight to work. Thankfully, dressing up makes me feel less stressed. Classic with a twist is always the safest way to being fashionable (my belief number 1). Well, in my beliefs, that is. A simple bandage dress paired with ankle boots and accessories (anything I can get my hands on). I’m ecstatic with the results of my mix-and-match-whatever-goes outfit today.

Rocker chic.

BKK Rocks Shirt: From Bangkok | Skirt: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Mango

I waited months to be able to have the time and guts to start my own blog. This is it! (insert smiley here) They call me “Erle” (pronounced as: Erl) or “Erese” (pronounced as: Eris). Apart from cooking, dancing and other activities I engage in, blogging is another love that I plan to take over for the following days of my life. This world isn’t new for me. I have always been inspired with fashion and I have been happily writing a lot lately. Fashion, beauty, food, travel and a couple of random topics about me will be posted in this blog. That ends my intro. *Smirk*

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